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Alex Raymond ....Flash Gordon

Alex Raymond  
Alexander Gillespie "Alex" Raymond was an American cartoonist, best known for creating Flash Gordon for King Features in 1934. 
Wikipedia Born: October 2, 1909, New Rochelle Died: September 6, 1956
Education: Grand Central School of Art 
Awards: Reuben Award for Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year, Will Eisner Award Hall of Fame Gordon de 



Alex Raymond - "Flash Gordon"
Good as the others were, my personal gold medal goes to Alex Raymond who drew "Flash Gordon." And "Secret Agent X-9," "Jungle Jim" and, later, "Rip Kirby." Like Foster, his action drawings were more subdued than Hogarth's. His compositions were good and his use of blacks and chiaroscuro was effective. Where Raymond shined was drawing people; at that task he was perhaps the best comic strip artist ever. Examples from "Flash Gordon" are below.


Nice use of black. Keep in mind that the Sunday "Flash Gordon" was colored, which meant that Raymond had to leave plenty of white areas available for the flat colors used in newspaper reproduction in those bygone days when printing was by letterpress (today offset printing is most commonly used).

There's some missing continuity to the lower row. In a clipped-off panel to the left, post-wedding, merciless Ming states "Now that I've kept my promise to make her empress, take this rebel girl to the dungeons and execute her at once!"

A fine drawing. I really like the '30s streamliner-type car Raymond designed.


Flash Gordon The Greatest Adventure of All [1982]

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